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Often, buyers "fall in love" with a piece of real estate, so they run the risk of failing to see or subtract importance from the property's defects, putting their assets at risk. Fitness, legal and financial aspects are some of the things you should take into account in depth before making the important decision to buy.

Buying a home is not the only option to use your credit, but if you have already made this decision, it is important that you reflect on what you really need. Here are basic tips that will help you choose a new or used home.

At Jennifer Lasco Real Estate, we list the 10 things that you must take into account to acquire the property of your life, according to the CNN Expansion website.

1. Identify your needs. Take into count if the size is the one indicated for the people who will inhabit the house and if the location is the one indicated for your transfers.

2. Verify the physical structure. When you have your eye on a building, ask an architect to accompany you to review it. Do not discard also approach the nearby neighbors to give you their opinion.

3. The location. It analyzes if there are enough ways of communication, services, commerce, transport, recreation, and supply. Note that you are not in risky areas, such as fuel tanks, power lines, riverbeds, ravines or near flood areas.

4. Make sure that who sells is the owner. Also check that there is no unfinished testamentary trial or something that may impede the sale, such as the fact that the property is the name of several people because in that case, all must give their consent to the process.

5. Verify the deeds or title deed. Jennifer Lasco Real Estate recommend you, ownership must be documented with legal validity that proves to the seller the property of the property.

6. The method of payment. Hardly anyone can buy a house with cash, but if it is your case, verify the legislation before doing so because in Mexico, for example, the so-called anti-money laundering law prevents you from making transactions for high cash values.

7. Ask for debts. The seller must have all payments of the property current and must prove it with invoices and other documentation.

8. Look for options. You can pay for the property through a mortgage, for what you must compare before deciding on any option. 

9. Be patient. The time of the buying and selling process can take several days or even months.

10. Find out. There are many ways to look for the best option in every way, our real estate website can provide you them. Take enough time to compare.

At Jennifer Lasco Real Estate, we know how important it is for you to achieve your financial goals; we want Prosperity to be at your fingertips. Therefore, we invite you to use the tools on our website that help you to know and do what is necessary for you to learn to save, and achieve your financial goals.

Buying a Home

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