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Real useful information and articles regarding home maintenance.

There are many ways to freshen up your home when you are thinking of selling.  A few top line items are creating space within your home, freshen up paint, wash walls/baseboards/outside windows... And make sure that your home has curb appeal!  The front door will be where your potential buyers are waiting to enter the house, what they are staring at when they are waiting for their agent, and what they see when they drive by checking out the house before and after they make their offer.

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Your relationship with your home is one that will hopefully last a long time, so it pays to learn its most intimate details. And not to be weird, but we really do mean intimate: what turns it on (or off), what makes it hot (or cold), and its delicate inner workings.

Because, after all, your home takes care of you—it keeps you warm, safe, well-fed—so it has every right to act a little high-maintenance and demand some TLC in return. Neglect your house, and there could be hell to pay later in the form of floods, electrical outages, and worse.


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