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As I am sitting to write this article, I am thinking about many of my clients searching for homes for sale over the last few months, and their shock at the low volume of homes available.  We realtors, along with our amazing clients, are eagerly awaiting the  hopeful arrival of an abundance of spring homes to hit the market.   It will be interesting to see if the sellers will meet buyers demand.

Houses For Sale in Fenton MI






It is definitely exciting to work in a low home inventory market when you are laser focused on finding great homes for your clients.  A new property will pop up and you need to get your client the information, and if it works? Get right out to see it or it will quickly disappear from the market.  On the flip-side, I have many very…

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Buyers who are looking for luxury waterfront homes on a nice boat lake in Fenton MI need to consider Fenton, MI Homes for Sale & Real Estate Listings. What makes this community stand out when compared to other lake subdivisions is the distance from one shore to the other. With a larger body of water, the views have been significantly improved. With a total of just over 200 properties, about 90 of them are a lot of waterfronts.

Waterfront Homes in Fenton, Michigan

It is always necessary to take firm steps on investment, even though it is difficult to find profitable options. Throughout history, the real estate industry has been constituted as a secure investment mechanism and there are properties that have a very high economic return: beach properties.

We present the five factors…

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Follow these tips to sell your home faster at the best price. If you are already determined to sell your house, as a professional or on your own, these are the main tips to keep in mind when put houses for sale in Fenton, Michigan or your property, according to a publication by Real Estate Today.

Selling Your House Fast

Determine the Value of the Property

Remember that it is the market that defines the prices. That is why you should compare the value of your property with the properties sold in the last 12 months in your neighborhood and what is currently on sale, to identify what will be your competition. If the community is stable and there are not many sales to compare, it is advisable to hire an appraiser to determine the actual value of the property. Also, do not…

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Often, buyers "fall in love" with a piece of real estate, so they run the risk of failing to see or subtract importance from the property's defects, putting their assets at risk. Fitness, legal and financial aspects are some of the things you should take into account in depth before making the important decision to buy.

Buying a home is not the only option to use your credit, but if you have already made this decision, it is important that you reflect on what you really need. Here are basic tips that will help you choose a new or used home.

At Jennifer Lasco Real Estate, we list the 10 things that you must take into account to acquire the property of your life, according to the CNN Expansion website.

1. Identify your needs. Take into count if the…

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Want to buy or sell any property at a desirable amount?  Find waterfront homes for sale in Fenton MI with an attractive deal!

Yes, buying or selling any kind of property is a hectic process if you have not hired any realtor to help you. The real estate agencies are the best to contact while introducing any houses for sale in Fenton MI. The buyers or the sellers would have to face loss in monetary terms or will need to adjust for any other matter if an accurate real estate agent is not appointed. The agents would help you to crack a good negotiable deal with their talent giving you favorable returns. Here are few points that a skilled real estate agent would have to benefit you.

They are skilled in diplomacy for pricing

Have you ever tried buying 

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