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Your relationship with your home is one that will hopefully last a long time, so it pays to learn its most intimate details. And not to be weird, but we really do mean intimate: what turns it on (or off), what makes it hot (or cold), and its delicate inner workings.

Because, after all, your home takes care of you—it keeps you warm, safe, well-fed—so it has every right to act a little high-maintenance and demand some TLC in return. Neglect your house, and there could be hell to pay later in the form of floods, electrical outages, and worse.


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Some people love skiing and travel to the mountains, some people love sports and go to their favorite games, and who knew that if you love fishing you could do it from inside your own living room.  A fisherman from Skiatook, decided that he loved fishing so much that he would do what most would think could not even be done, build a dream home with a living room that gives direct access to water for fishing.  

Paul Philips, told KOTV that he just loves to fish and he fishes everyday.  He loves it so much that decided that he would dig a pond and build a home over it and it could give him access to fishing without even leaving the house.  The shocking part is after completing his dream home and even putting a picture of a large fish on the fireplace…

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