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The State of Michigan is a thriving place, home to many successful industries including aerospace and military equipment manufacturing, copper and ore mining, tourism and Christmas tree farming, to name a few. When you talk about some of the best places to live in Michigan, you would generally evaluate them on the basis of crime levels, education levels, unemployment rates, population density, commute time, median income and median home values. While there are many popular places in Michigan, the city of Fenton has shown a steady increase in home values.

Fenton is a small city located about 70 miles Northwest of Detroit. It is part of Genesee County. The city has a population of around 12,000 people. More than 95% of the population is Caucasian with African Americans, Asians, Hispanics and Native Americans making up the rest. The majority of people who live in Fenton are young couples with children. Unlike most other places in MI, Fenton has had a stable population for the last few years.

Over the past few years, the Fenton, Michigan real estate market, especially around the waterfront has been gaining prominence and value. Real estate agents that have the necessary skill and expertise have seen significant success in this area. For example, the Jennifer Lasco Real Estate team has sold more on Lake Fenton thus far in 2018 than any other real estate agent in the area. The high sales volume clearly indicates the strong marketplace for waterfront homes in Fenton, Michigan

Fenton, MI is an ideal location for those who want to live in a lakeside location. It is also an attractive choice for families with growing families and those who want to live in a safe and serene location. 

While the median property value in Fenton is around $110,000, homes around the lakefront vary from $300,000 to $700,000. Most of these are single homes with large acreage and many which open right on to the coastline. Most of the homes around the lakefront are freehold. Property taxes are some of the lowest in the country and range from $2,800-$5,000 a year, depending on the size of the home. This is another reason why buyers are attracted to this region. 

Fenton also has three highly reputed colleges that include Baker College of Flint, Mott Community College and the University of Michigan at Flint. These colleges have high graduation rates and offer excellent education in many subjects. There are also several great schools in the neighborhood including North Road Elementary, Linden schools, Andrew Schmidt and Fenton Senior High. These schools are rated as top in the state allowing students to be disciplined and college ready. The median tuition fees to attend the colleges in Fenton are around $9,000 for a 4-year degree program. It is safe to say that for a small city like Fenton, the educational opportunities are tremendous, another important reason why families choose to live here.

The state of Michigan does not have a great reputation when it comes to safety. This is especially true for Detroit, and young Caucasian families tend to shy away from buying property there. But Fenton is completely different from Detroit even if it's in the same state. Fenton is a peaceful city, with an extremely vigilant police force and a low crime rate. The occasional crime in the city may be a break-in in the downtown area or rowdy college students after a night of celebration, but that’s pretty much it. Families find this quality about Fenton extremely attractive since they feel that their children will be safe.

A large majority of people who live in Fenton commute to work outside the city. Commute times within the city are negligible, and the average time for people who drive to adjacent towns or cities is around 22- 25 minutes. Also, Fenton is conveniently located in lower mid-Michigan with easy access to the US 23 expressway from three locations in the city at North, Owen and Silver Lake roads. Major cities within 60 minutes of Fenton include Lansing, Ann Arbor, Detroit and Flint

The local economy of Fenton has been showing consistent growth. Primary businesses include real estate, wholesale trade, and manufacturing. Healthcare, social assistance, education, and retail trade appear to be the most consistent employers over the years.

The median income in Fenton has gone up over the past decade and averages about $48K. However, those who live around the waterfront are the wealthiest. It is generally a city with fairly rich people, thus accounting for high property values due to high purchasing power.

The city of Fenton also prides itself for its great recreational parks. Residents can enjoy outdoor activities and all types of sports.

Overall, demand for real estate is thriving in Fenton, MI. Waterfront homes, in particular, are very popular, mainly because of the lifestyle and natural beauty they offer. Families can enjoy many types of water-based activities during Spring and Summer and a variety of snow-based activities during Winter. The area is thus particularly popular for people who like the outdoors.

Most of the homes around the Lakefront have undergone significant renovations and upgrades. This also has played a role in increasing property values since most homes are very well-maintained. Neighborhoods are safe with well-educated, middle-to-high income groups. Safety and security is not an issue. Weather is great, and access to different types of outdoor activities is a big plus.

Young families are attracted to this city because of its peacefulness and homely feeling. The level of education is superb, and a lot of focus is placed on community building and development. Since the population is not that much, people are strongly connected, and there is a strong sense of neighborly feeling. Schools are nearby, and there is easy access to lakes and parks. There is also a good variety of restaurants and wineries. Overall, Fenton, MI might be an expensive place with high property values, but it is one of the best places to live in Michigan.

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