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During the long, hot, humid days of summer, many of us dream about a lakefront home.  Think about it – idyllic lake views, easy access to the water, and a beautiful custom home for you and your family.  Is this summer the right time for you to embark on the new adventure of buying one of the homes for sale on Lake Fenton?  Whether you’re looking for a high-end custom home right on the water’s edge, or one of the many affordable single family homes for sale on Lake Fenton, come to Jennifer Lasco Real Estate and we will help ensure that your home buying process is as smooth and as positive as it can be.  Our years of experience with Lake Fenton real estate means we are uniquely qualified to make this milestone a truly remarkable one for you.

A Closer Look at Lake Fenton Michigan

Lake Fenton is a beautiful, quiet community.  It’s one where neighbors all know each other, and in which the value of family, community, and the beauty of nature around us are all paramount.  Lake Fenton is a small community of only about 5,500 people, with access to a multitude of activities both around and near the beautiful lake.  Though visiting or living here can make the area seem quiet or even remote, just a short drive away are the metropolitan areas of Lansing, Detroit, and Ann Arbor, making Lake Fenton real estate a perfect choice for those who like quiet, easy living without sacrificing access to the convenience and activity of a city.

Whether you’re seeking a high end custom home or a traditional ranch style dwelling, a modern community or historic neighborhood, waterfront activities or shopping destinations, you will be able to find a home that is perfect for you and your needs in Lake Fenton, Michigan.  One of the most obvious, and most appreciated benefits of the Lake Fenton area is, of course, the lake.  Every evening after coming home from a stressful day at the office, the splendor of Lake Fenton will greet you, and it’s almost like being on vacation.  Feel like having an after-dinner pontoon cruise to watch the sun set?  You can have one every day of the week – no need to wait for a holiday or weekend.  It’s a wonderful way to relax.

Lake Fenton Housing Market

The housing market in Lake Fenton is stable, but the small size of the community means fewer homes for sale at any given time.  Still, Jennifer Lasco Real Estate typically has dozens of listings for homes for sale in Lake Fenton, both on and near the lake itself.  With a median home value of $232,500 and a median cost of $124 per square foot, home buyers looking into Lake Fenton typically find the value here much higher than similar lakefront communities.  While slightly more expensive than the broader area of Fenton Township, home buyers can find something as impressive and sensible as an 1800 square foot home for just around $149,000, as affordable as a 1,000 square foot 2 bedroom home on the water for $400,000, or a high end custom home on the lakefront beginning at about $750,000.  Though the community is small, there truly is a home for sale for anyone in Lake Fenton.

Tips for Summer Home Buyers in Lake Fenton

As we have mentioned here on the Jennifer Lasco Real Estate Blog, spring is typically the busiest home buying season, but in the summer, Lake Fenton real estate is always a popular spot to be, for many reasons. 

Often, sellers on Lake Fenton will wait until summer to list their lakefront home, because it shows better in the summer.  Lush green grass, trees covered with leaves, and flowers in full bloom really add to the splendor of the lakeside community, which makes summer an ideal time to shop homes for sale on Lake Fenton – with many strategies available to ensure that you get the best possible deal.

  •          Look for lowered prices.  Prices get reduced all the time, and this is especially true in the summer.  Plenty of homeowners list their homes during the spring, the most popular season, and if those homes don’t sell by summer, are more likely to lower the prices on their Fenton Lake home for sale, and that means savings for you, the home buyer.
  •          Take a good look at the neighborhood.  Shopping Lake Fenton real estate in the summer means plenty of people can be found outdoors having fun, doing yard work, painting tool sheds, and of course, enjoying the beautiful lake.  This makes summer an excellent time to really get a feel for who lives in a neighborhood, how friendly they are, and how safe a community is.
  •          Get pre-approved!  As with buying a home anywhere, get pre-approved for a loan before you do anything else.
  •          Don’t discount the fixer-uppers.  While Lake Fenton real estate includes some immaculate waterfront homes that have been exquisitely cared for, it also includes some older single family homes that may need a little work.  Sure, the orange carpets may be hideous, and the wall coverings may want to update, but don’t let cosmetic features break what could be an amazing deal on Lake Fenton real estate.
  •          Connect with a realtor that knows the market.  By understanding the housing market in Lake Fenton, you will be better prepared to know if the home you’re shopping for is overpriced – or a steal.  Here at Jennifer Lasco Real Estate, we have a proven history of connecting home buyers to a new home in the Lake Fenton area, which makes us perfectly equipped to match you with the perfect Lake Fenton home for sale.
  •          Purchase price doesn’t mean a lot.  Waterfront real estate markets are often quiet competitive, and Lake Fenton real estate is no exception.  While prices on average are lower on Lake Fenton than in other lakeside communities, some rules still apply, and one of those rules is that the purchase price of a home is less important than the terms of the contract when the home is purchased.  Purchase prices can come down with a larger down payment, or, for the particularly competitive home, an offer above the asking price from a qualified seller can seal the deal.  Jennifer Lasco’s real estate experts will guide you through the process and make sure you get the best deal possible.
  •          Take on minor repairs yourself.  Always get a home inspection – any realtor worth their salt will always insist on this.  However, every home will have a list of repairs to be made.  While a home inspection can uncover major issues, not every issue is a dealbreaker.  If there are minor repairs to be done to a home, consider handling them yourself, and this can win a contract for you in a competitive market like Lake Fenton.
  •          Enjoy the home buying process in Lake Fenton.  Summer home shopping is like a mini-vacation in itself.  Throw on your shorts and flip-flops and take a relaxing tour of some beautiful homes.  While you’re out, pick up some ice cream or another favorite treat and take in the beautiful atmosphere of the Lake Fenton community.

If you’re looking for beautiful waterfront homes for sale on Lake Fenton, look no further than Jennifer Lasco real estate.

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