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Small town living, two-point-five kids, a dog, and a white picket fence.  That’s the dream, right?  That dream is real, and its name is Grand Blanc, MI.  A picture-perfect small town located 45 minutes north of Detroit metro, Grand Blanc is a city in Genessee County with a population of nearly 8,000.  Grand Blanc is like a breath of fresh air in its own region, with a tendency to be more family-centric than the surrounding areas.  In fact, nearly 30% of the households in Grand Blanc, MI are families with children, making this a perfect place for family living.  Grand Blanc real estate features home for sale for literally every budget.  The median household income in the city of Grand Blanc is $47,373, just a bit higher than the surrounding areas, and the median age of Grand Blanc residents is 40.8.  Here at Jennifer Lasco Real Estate, we see plenty of listings in and around Grand Blanc, from some of the most affordable single family homes we’ve ever sold to our most expensive listing at the time of this writing (clocking in at 1.6 million – it’s a gorgeous home), so there is truly something for everyone looking for homes for sale in Grand Blanc, Michigan.

Homes For Sale in Grand Blanc, Michigan 48439

A Closer Look at Grand Blanc Michigan

Located just north of the Detroit metro, just 15 minutes from Flint, and 35 minutes from Auburn Hills, Grand Blanc is perfectly situated for home buyers looking for a perfect spot in suburban Michigan to raise a family.  A quiet community with a focus on Family, Grand Blanc’s easy access to the cities of Flint and Detroit mean that when you buy a home for sale in Grand Blanc Michigan, you are not only buying peace and quiet, you’re buying a wonderful community and access to a myriad of amenities just a short drive away. 

Families will also enjoy the range of schools in the Grand Blanc area.  With a wide selection of schools from elementary to high school, and two private schools, Discovery Montesson and Holy Family, there is a great education for anyone here in Grand Blanc.  The local public schools enjoy glowing reviews from parents,  with all of them scoring four or five star ratings on’s local profile. 

Grand Blanc Housing Market

For the first time home buyer, there are very affordable traditional single family homes for sale in Grand Blanc, Michigan 48439, at truly any budget.  With listings beginning at the $60,000 mark, Grand Blanc is a prime target for first time home buyers on a budget – stop renting, and own your own home!  Families will be pleased to see a plethora of beautiful and expansive family homes for under $300,000, including gorgeous, large homes in the $170,000 range.  Families looking for something a little more grand can find no shortage of wonderful 3,000 square foot homes around $500,000, and home buyers looking for luxury living will find a wide selection of homes suiting their tastes as well, including an absolutely flawless 7,796 square foot home for $1.6 million.  Plenty of these homes, at all price levels, have seen price reductions in recent months, making Grand Blanc real estate a true buyer’s market.

Average Buyer, Luxury Home:  Tips for Buying a Home for Sale in Grand Blanc

Have you dreamed of living in a luxury home?  I think we all have, and Grand Blanc homes for sale include some of the most beautiful listings we have here at Jennifer Lasco Real Estate.  Of course, those homes are just for the rich, right?  Maybe not – the average buyer doesn’t have to be shut out of the luxury home market, and plenty of buyers who are decidedly not rich – just like you and me – can buy a luxury home by making a few smart choices before the bidding process begins.

Now – that isn’t to say you should buy beyond your means.  Biting off more mortgage than you can chew is a recipe for foreclosure, so proceed with caution – however, in a buyer’s market like the one for luxury homes in Grand Blanc, Michigan, as long as you do your due diligence, you can find a diamond in the rough at just the time the seller needs to close the deal.  Do your research, run those numbers, and apply these tips, and you may be able to buy a luxury home without losing the proverbial farm.

  1.       Timing is Everything.  Remember the lessons we all learned in Economics 101: supply and demand control prices.  When there’s less demand, meaning fewer buyers, you can get a darn good price.  With prices being reduced at all levels in Grand Blanc real estate, this is a very good time to look at a few homes above your price range.  With a little luck, you could end up in a luxury home for less.
  2.       Learn How to Spot a Motivated Seller.  Take a look at a property’s listing history to help you determine whether or not that seller could be motivated.  A home that has languished on the market for months without reductions is a good sign that you may be able to negotiate that price down.  You can also set alerts for price changes on the properties you have your eye on, and of course, rely on the expertise of an agent from the team here at Jennifer Lasco Real Estate to help you gauge a seller’s situation, and find those prices that have a little wiggle room.
  3.       Make a Straightfoward Bid.  When you make your bid on a home that’s a little above your budget, be direct and don’t list contingencies.  Chances are the seller is already not happy to be selling their home for less than (they believe) it is worth, and asking for contingencies is a good way to blow an otherwise solid deal.  A straightforward bid is your best bet to ensuring a seamless transaction.
  4.       Offer a Larger Down Payment.  If you can, offer a larger down payment than the listing requires.  Not always an easy task, to be sure, but cash always gets a seller’s attention, and it will save you on the cost of financing the home, to boot.
  5.       Get Pre-Approved.  As always, getting pre-approved so that your financing is all lined up ahead of time will ensure that your bases are covered.  It adds a layer of security and confidence to your bid in the eyes of the seller, and you know you won’t end up in over your head when the mortgage payments come due.

By utilizing these tips, you may be able to get into one of the beautiful homes for sale in Grand Blanc, Michigan.  No matter what your price range, there is a Grand Blanc home for sale for you.  Call the experts here at Jennifer Lasco Real Estate and let us help you find a new home in Grand Blanc, Michigan today.

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