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How many of you dream of having a beautiful piece of real estate on Lake Fenton in Michigan? Whether you want a vacation getaway home or somewhere to live, a property near the Lake is complete paradise for homeowners. And there are a range of reasons why it has become a trend among our Michigan buyers, from the gorgeous weather to a place for rest and peace, to the chance to take a dip in the lake anytime you want while you escape the city rat race. Not only has buying property on Lake Fenton become an investment of pleasure, though, it’s also an investment that can offer buyers great long-term financial benefits.

Our real estate agents have noticed that more and more buyers are on the hunt for somewhere sensational to call home. Whether you are a first-time buyer or wanting to move for the third time, or simply looking for the perfect holiday property, there are several factors you should consider when looking for your happy home. Below are six factors to think about when choosing your home on the Lake followed by a few benefits of buying at such a prime location in Fenton, Michigan.

6 Factors to Consider for a Happy Home

  1.        Safety in the Neighborhood

It has been found that the sense of safety in a neighborhood contributes significantly to a homebuyer’s happiness. Safety can be broken down into two key factors: trust in the medical, police, and fire services, and a general sense of safety within the community. Residents of Lake Fenton report a great sense of community and safety awareness.

  1.        Sense of Community

On that note, many real estate buyers in Michigan report that a sense of community within the neighborhood is an important factor for their happiness. Again, there are two main factors that are used to determine happiness amongst neighbors: trust in neighbors and enjoyment of neighbors.

  1.        The Amenities

No one wants to buy a beautiful property with little access to local amenities. Lake Fenton has optimal access to an array of grocery stores, restaurants, shopping, schools, parks, coffee shops, libraries, and an abundance of entertainment and public transport.

  1.        Work Proximity

Proximity to work, accessibility to work, and commute times also play a big role in resident’s happiness with their real estate. Lake Fenton is conveniently located in the northeastern part of Fenton Township, with Fenton to the south, Mundy Township to the north, and Holly Township to the east.

  1.        Diversity

Another factor in the happiness of homeowners is the diversity of the neighborhood and city. As of the 2000 census, Lake Fenton has close to 5,000 residents, nearly 2,000 households, and about 2,000 housing units, with a relative diversity of ethnicity.

  1.        Love the Property

Happy homeowners report that one of the big factors that contribute towards homeowner happiness is loving the property itself. A well-functioning and enjoyable home that is the right size for you and your family is the key.

These are just a few of the factors that contribute to your ultimate happiness as a homeowner and you should try to keep them in mind when shopping for real estate in Lake Fenton. If you’re not convinced of the location yet, though, here are a few benefits of owning a waterfront property in the sought-after area.

4 Benefits of Owning a Home on the Lake

  1.        A Permanent Vacation Space

Not everyone has the budget available to take a family vacation each and every holiday season, but if you and your crew love being on the water or just taking in the breeze, a waterfront property on Lake Fenton is an excellent option. What’s more, a permanent holiday home will save on expenses like hotels and flights.

  1.        Your Health Can Benefit, Too

It has been reported that sports on the Lake Fenton, MI waterfront offer several great benefits to your physical health, since the sand and overall environment facilitate and encourage exercise, motivating homeowners to lead active lifestyles. What’s more, walking barefoot on the sand can improve both your blood and lymphatic circulation. Buying a home at the waterfront, therefore, gives you the freedom to practice yoga, go running, indulge in water activities, and just get healthier.

  1.        Somewhere to Unwind

We all know how the hustle, bustle, rat-race of the city along with work pressures and the daily grind contribute to stress levels. Waterfront real estate in Fenton, Michigan are typically in peaceful locations, making for optimal relaxation whenever you need it. Find your perfect waterfront property and all you have to do is step out onto your deck and take in the breeze – you’re sure to notice an immediate psychological and emotional improvement.

  1.        A Sound Financial Investment

Believe it or not, stunning homes on Lake Fenton may have lower costs compared to their city counterparts. If you have been looking for a sound financial investment within real estate and you want to make a profit, it’s time to talk to the real estate agents to find the perfect investment property. Do your homework, and ask the agents for advice on the best location for an investment property on the lake along with conditions in the property’s structure which tends to increase the surplus value. If you’re not intending to buy to sell, you can still benefit financially be offering the house out for rent either to holiday-makers or long-term tenants.

Time to Buy in Lake Fenton, Michigan

Now that you know the amazing benefits of owning a property on Lake Fenton, MI, along with what to look for in a happy home, it’s time to consider buying your dream home on the beach. Our real estate agents have listings in Lake Fenton, MI and are waiting to show you around. Shop for homes on our site and contact us to set up a viewing. This may just be the day you find your dream property right on the Lake!

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